Publications and Presentations


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* Indicates undergraduate researcher

** Indicates Master’s student researcher


        a.)  Talks:

1.)  Jorn, R., Chemistry & Biochemistry Seminar Series, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Albright College, Reading, PA, “Chemistry with Computers:  Fighting Climate Change One CPU at a Time”, Invited. (October 18, 2018).

2.)  Jorn, R., Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM), The American Chemical Society, Hershey, PA, “From molecular electronics to energy storage: Striving for a unified approach to electron transfer in open systems”, Invited. (June 5, 2017).

3.)   Jorn, R., Chemistry Seminar, Department of Chemistry at Haverford College, Haverford, PA, “Advancing Energy Storage from iPhones to F-150’s: Computational Investigation of Solvation Structure in Metal-ion Batteries”, Invited. (October 28, 2016).

4.)  Raguette, L.* and Jorn, R., 252nd American Chemical Society National Meeting, American Chemical Society, Philadelphia, PA, “Modeling materials and charge transfer for lithium-ion batteries”, Contributed. (August 24, 2016).

5.)   Jorn, R., 252nd American Chemical Society National Meeting, American Chemical Society, Philadelphia, PA, “Electron Scattering in Liouville Space: From coherence to decoherence to incoherence?”, Contributed. (August 23, 2016).

6.)   Jorn, R., Physical Chemistry Seminar, Louisiana State University Department of Chemistry, LSU Campus, Baton Rouge, LA, “Tackling the Multi-Scale Challenges of Batteries from the Atom Up”, Invited. (September 22, 2015).

       b.)  Posters:

1.)   Raguette, L. and Jorn, R. , 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition, The American Chemical Society, San Francisco, CA, “Modeling material properties and charge transfer for lithium-ion batteries”, (April 4, 2017).

2.)   Raguette, L.**; Yoqunito, W.; Jorn, R., 251st American Chemical Society Meeting, American Chemical Society, San Diego, CA, “Ion Insertion Barriers in Prototypical Lithium-Ion Batteries”, (March 16, 2016).

3.) Wahlers, J.* ; Jorn, R.; Kumar, R.; Kuroda, D., 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting, American Chemical Society, San Diego, CA, “Modeling sodium battery electrolytes and electrode interfaces at varying concentration using classical molecular dynamics”, (March 16, 2016).

* Indicates Undergraduate Presenter

** Indicates Mater’s Student Presenter